1911-Muli V15 user setup and enrolment



Muli V15 is a browser based delivery solution incorporating GTK+ Broadway, WebRTC and HTML5, providing improved speed and enhanced security management to better deter unauthorised user access.


To get a user set on the new version requires their Muli key operator to have:

  • set up the user in [2.4] Responsible Persons Maintenance.

  • To have allocated the user a device in [15.10.1]

  • supplied the user with instructions to get enrolled.

  • Ensured that the user’s workstation/laptop has working camera and microphone to be able to enrol.

The user is then required to:

  • install the Brave browser

  • in the browser go to enrol.v15.muli.com.au

  • The user has to download the three certificates and follow Appendix A below to install these certificates on their computer.

  • The user should now be able to get logged into the enrolment screen.














Once on the enrolment screen, as per the screen shot below:

  • Please ensure as a user you enter your rpc ( in lowercase)

  • The password you enter (Minimum 13 characters Max 20) will be used to both:

    • ​​ login to your Muli account

    • decrypt and install the certificate you are about to generate.

  • Ensure you have selected the correct device

  • Entered your company email address