Linux GDK+ Application Development Platform

Muli as a Linux software developer recognised that to develop a commercial linux accounting software package that meets today’s requirements you need a Stable enhanced development platform.

MBbag – Muli Business Basic Application Glue

MBbag has been developed by Muli as it’s own “Basic-like Application Programming Language” to enable the use of state of the art “Open Source” utilities as a stable integrated platform.

MBbag has:

  • Application logic is written in a “Basic language” which is “compiled” ready to be processed by a ‘C’ based interpreter. (Interpreter integrated in the GDK+ Main Loop)
  • GDK3+ (in ‘C’ not Glade)
  • Broadwayd a gnome backend that utilises HTML5 and WebRTC to deliver browser user interface.
  • GZoom (Muli Enquiries Pop-up screen)
  • GDrill (Muli Drill Down Report)
  • GNote (Muli Special Notes Routine)
  • Document Creation (LibreOffice for all external documents)
  • Pango Print Commands
  • Evince Report Presentation
  • Postscript Printing
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Sane Scanning
  • Eye of Gnome Photo DisplayerWatch a video on the Muli Project Risk Account & Process Management Overview to see an MBbag solution CLICK HERE.
  • Email / SMS Out
  • Cheque Printing (character based printing using Epson print sets)

This platform is comparable with ‘JBOS’ without ‘JAVA’

Invitation to Linux Developers

The development platform is available for other like-minded Linux System developers. Please contact Muli to discuss your interests.