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6012.1 Project Review (Project/Site Manager)

Project Review

c = complete m = major g = general

* = only if Manager suspects a variance may have occurred


  • Update overall target schedule to represent actual achievements[c, m]
  • Re-program if required. Add major variations [c]
  • Review medium range schedules [c,m]
  1. Purchasing (timing & expected value)
  2. Structure
  3. finishes
  4. particular sections/objectives
  • Ensure all major goals on overall target schedules are covered by a detailed program [c,m,g]


  • Ensure all known (Head Contract) variations are on the variaation schedule [c, m, g]
  1. Include all items on client wish list that have not been cancelled
  2. PC Sums handed back toclient by way of variations listed as Ballpark value pending client approval
  3. All approval variations confirmed in writing
  • List all outstanding variations to confirm the safe project income [c,m]


  • Review Accounts Receivable to see that client billing and cash receipts are satisfactory. If not, detailed review of why not [c,m,g]. Project Managers should always try to achieve Cash Receipts equal to (or in excess of) approved for payment, but in the worst case , received should be greater than paid.
  • Ensure all sundry invoices for sale of demolition or unwanted goods are processed [c,m,g]


  • Review all purchasing, confirmation that: [c]
  1. letting will allow sufficient lead time and not delay project
  2. full scope of works included (not left for future)
  3. where we are taking risk on Quantity (Schedule of rates) that a Bulk Order Summary is completed by logical stages to allow performance/achievement along the way
  • Although the commitments have not been made, indications of variance are often evident and should be taken into account utilising the “Budget not Committed” facet in the Final Forecast Program [c]

5. PROJECT REVIEW (Final Forecast)

  • Review all variations outstanding form suppliers and subcontractors and ensure that all agreed commitments have been raised as amendments and a reasonable provision for outstanding claims has been made [c,m,g]
  • Review all variations outstanding and ensure provision is made to execute all worked required to complete the project (whether variations approved or not ) i.e. Rock in footing has to be done and paid to complete project while curtains in the front entry are only executed if approved [c,m]
  • Review outstanding budgets to determine if they are required and if son, is the budget allowance sufficient [c,m]
  • Check the bulk schedule of rates materials and subcontracts. Confirm fixed achievements/delivered to site and measure requirements to complete (bricks, concrete, etc) [c, *, *]
  • Where an order or subcontract is based on schedule of rates and the final value is subject to measure, such as brick and concrete supply, then a a Bulk Order Summary (F04-46) should have been created on a basis for valuing the order at time of commitment. This is now assessed with actual stage compared to determine any revision to final forecast required [c]
  • Check all labour orders for achieved rate and forecast to revised project completion date [c,*, *]
  • As the project Team work through the Project Review, they need to review the subcontract scopes and check lists to update their To-Do schedules [ ]
  • Review all labour on team times duration to ensure the sum and individual allowances are sufficient [c,*,*]
  • Risk2Do. With version N this process is formalised within the Project Review procedure [ ]
  • Cash Flow prediction. Establish/review of al active projects [ ]


Having completed the foregoing, the Project Manager should then make a written statement of the project status. This would include:

  • Project Cost Report (7-06)- The Project Managers makes a recommendation to the Profit Centre Manager/Director of the projected final income and management turnover as this may only be entered into the system by the Profit Centre Manager/Director. (Note: If no entry is made, then no changes to the figures are reported in Project Contribution Report, for the General Ledger)
  • Copy of any allocation management (7-05) with a variance greater than either 5% of Allocation Value or $1,500.00 with an explanation of the Variance by the Project Manager.
  • Cost Report Contract Value review- Cost Report Review Summary(F07/010
  • A summary check list on the project (F07/02)
  • Quality Management control and review procedures that could include reports from:
  1. Architect
  2. Electrical Engineer
  3. Mechanical Engineer
  4. Loss Control Management
  5. Safety and Certificate of Compliance with relevant reports by specialist subcontractors/suppliers
  • Any detailed support documents required
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