Project Management Processes Framework

Muli provides a framework to ensure all the appropriate Project Management Processes are followed both at start-up and during the lifetime of the project.

There are two key Muli innovations that are intrinsic to this framework. They are the Muli Risk2do system for assigning a process with a responsibilities, costs and a reportable alert. The second is Muli’s Project Risk and Processes report which in effect becomes the drill down planning document combining budget and committed costs with processes to be followed.

This diagram illustrates Muli’s Project Management Processes:

Project Management Processes

The Project Manager would complete a detailed master record of the new project with details of the new client, contract, dates, and even photos recorded.

The Budgets and a Risk2do Checklist are created using one of a number of methods to speed input.

Prime Costs are handed back as a single Variation and then individual Variations raised in their place so that the budget amount accurately reflects what the project manager can spend at this time.

Labour Orders and Internal orders are raised so that staff can enter payroll timesheets against the project.

A Claims Schedule is created in the Accounts Receivable module in readiness.

And then the next group of processes continue for the life of the project, commencing with raising Variations to Scope as required.

Supply Orders are raised using the Process Review & Processes report as a guide.

Similarly Subcontracts are prepared and issued.

As invoices from Suppliers and Subcontractors are received they are processed and approved for payment

Progress Claims are prepared and Accounts Receivable Invoices generated.

Finally the Risks2Do are maintained so that tasks can be assigned, monitored and their implications included in the final forecast cost.

The Project Manager would continue with these last 7 project management processes until the project itself was complete and the master record updated with the practical completion date.

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