The original contract value is entered as the Contract Budget when first loaded. A project framework is used to break the budget down into the items and major elements for purchase orders and subcontracts, including Project contribution initially provided.

Muli requires the project team to identify the amount of budget in original estimate for scope of working (First stage Cost Report).

Risk2Do standard items – Project verification requirement

Standard Orders

The framework for the setup could be:-

A Muli Estimate

A Template Project

Existing Operating Project

The Muli Estimate will be released in Version 16 and includes a set-up similar to this to establish the Estimate framework. With the Estimate, load all the budget values and any notations added during the Estimate process.

Muli provides Project Templates which may include:-

Allocations with Trade Elements (zero values)

Risk2Do items

Default Orders (zero values)

If Users wish to modify a template, they need to create their own Project Template (which may be any Project Number). However you can raise project templates in ZT8xxxx without the need to establish a ‘Z’ company or ‘T’ profit centre. However, you cannot process any Variations in Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable against these project templates.