The last chance to make Money !

In Muli we have:

  • Purchase Order supply of standard product with no outside labours.
  • Subcontract The supply of goods and services requiring contractually defined subcontract terms and conditions (object to pass Risk to Subcontractor).
  • Labour Order an internal order to quantify expected use of Company labour (can be extended to ABN labours).
  • Equipment Order an internal order to quantify the expected use and cost for use of company Assets such as Plant Equipment Site Sheds.
  • Inventory Order an internal order to qualify the use of inventory stock items.

In Muli this can be at 2 different conceptual approaches. In estimating, the relevant Trade Packages are identified.

  • The scope is quantified.
  • The potential subcontract is identified.
  • Request for Tender sent.
  • Tender comparison.
  • Estimate updated your tender submitted.
  • One successful contract.
  • Budget upgraded from Tender.
  • Tender Review: Risk2Do Identified.
  • Milestones agreed.
  • Initial Authorisation.
  • Subcontract created.
  • Subcontract progress process.
  • Amendment for scope changes.