Traditionally Bound paper Books were the Site Diary.

With Muli we have simplified the process providing a single screen for the site manager to record the project status for:

  • Weather
  • Lost Time
  • Lost Time Reason
  • General Description of Site Activity

This is followed by automated listing of working orders and Subcontracts to update workers on site and Description of Work done, goods received etc.

As this data is directly updated to the corporate server, there is no worry about a problem job having the Site Diary deployed.

There is an option that exists in project review to do an order enquiry including detailed site performance information. A second part of this process allows recording of site visitors, Reason and instructions to evaluate greater support in event of disputes.


This should be completed daily by the site foreman.

This keeps track of the weather, any loses that occurred and for each action, Order/Subcontract the manpower and work done.

Note: User selection of all active orders/Subcontractor.