To support a professional approach to OHSEQ reporting (and other significant issues) MULI provides a structured reporting framework.


“Occupational Health, Safety, Environment & Product Quality” is the verification/review processes a company establishes to ensure that the delivered product meets client needs, company obligations and quality standards, while ensuring the Property, Public, Employee, Subcontractor and the Environment are not exposed to unreasonable preventable risks.

Muli have extended basic incident maintenance into a single reporting framework from the simple to catastrophic. The framework allows one incident to have many personal, plant and equipment environment, and quality review and witness standards attached. Muli have created a default standard incident reporting framework for recording all process failures.

All quality focused companies require a reviewing /reporting framework to manage continual improvement and Muli OHSEQ provides this solution.

Muli has the “Risk2Do” handle to link procedures to all stages of a project. Muli provides typical examples of procedures. These need to be developed/modified to meet the particular needs of your company business objectives.

Muli sees the Risk2Do as the common handle managing:-

– Required project documents.
– Verification of project processes (Muli Trade Allocations 1160-1199).
– Verification of Trade processes, both pre-start through to completion.
– emerging issues.

These procedures are fully integrated into [7-1] Muli Project Review Cost & Processes.

An incident could be a simple quality check, first aid for a plumber or a major occurrence involving multiple injuries, vehicle and equipment damage, property damage of ours and others, environment issues requiring multiple witness.

So, one incident may have one or multiple individual reports attached.

This application provides formalised recording of all OHSEP incidents allowing multiple people/objects to be linked to any one OHSEP incident.

Occupational Health Safety Environment and Quality

Muli provides a structured framework for professionally managing the standard OHSEQ goals.