With Muli Site Administration fully integrated with Daily Activities, all relayed in the Corporate Database, changes are not lost with misplacement of Site Management Electronic Devices.

While the site personnel may constantly log into the Muli corporate Solution via their browser structure security control, there ability to log in and what they are able to see and do.

They should maintain:

  • Daily Activity Maintenance
  • Site Visitors
  • Deliveries
  • OHSEQ Reviews
  • Site Notices

Risk2Do provides a specific issue management tool for all project participants.

There are a number of processes to be maintained by the Site Team on a daily basis including-

  • Daily Activity Register- People and Activities.
  • Authority and Deliver.
  • Site Notices.
  • OHSEQ Incident Maintenance.
  • Project Risk2Do.

The Site Diary report combines all the data to provide a detailed Daily Activity Log.