Overview of Muli’s Subcontractors Module

Muli construction accounting software provides a standard framework to apply contract conditions and to produce the necessary documentation in a timely manner for Subcontractors.


No matter if your business model is based on Lump Sum Contracts or Construction Management, you will be required to create and manage Subcontracts.

With Muli’s template Contract Documents you can easily create customised subcontracts – just add project code, budgets, terms & retention rate. Then of the 100 or more schedule conditions, only 10 to 15 need to be changed for each contract.

Muli Subcontractor contains a library of templates and allows you to quickly customise or edit the few that need to change.

SUBCONTRACT AMENDMENTS (also known as Variations)

When there is a change in scope of works, it a simple matter to create an amendment (or variation).


Muli produces payment schedules and automates the payment process, reducing the risk of double payment.

Muli also monitors the security of payments so that subcontractors are notified within the legislated period of receipt on an invoice if you are not planning to pay the value of the invoice.

By providing Pro-forma Pay Requests you are helping them with their processes as well as providing updated information on the actual values to date for Retentions and Claims.


Muli uses the Retention Rate for that subcontract to calculate the correct Retention to be withheld during the Progress Claim process. Muli then ensures visibility of all retentions in every Project and Accounts Receivable Report.


Muli facilitates the input of Subcontractor’s invoices as soon as they arrive at your office – separating the data entry stage from the approval stage. The unapproved values are then immediately available in Cost Reviews and the process helps ensure your compliance with the Security of Payments Act.


Muli automatically checks that your subcontractor’s insurances are current. At key times during the process, the Muli operator is alerted and has the opportunity to add warnings to the documents being sent.

Similarly, Muli monitors the receipt of their Health & Safety certificates.


Muli Subcontractor manages and produces the Final Certificate.

OHSEQ Reviews provide ongoing subcontract assessment to build up a performance history of subcontracts.