Document Management

Muli has created a powerful document management system using the open standard, XML structure, by fully integrating Libre Office software for all creation and maintenance and mark up, including PDF. The use of Libre Office Templates allows users to personalise their company’s documents.

Following considerable review and noting the forecasted changes emerging from new ways of communicating with Web Real Time Communication (RTC), Muli has created a standardised data solution that includes allowing the import of storage & display:

  • Emails
  • Web Pages
  • PDF documents
  • Word Documents & conversion to Open Standards

The conversion of documents to PDF allowing the marking up of PDF documents, keeping the original and marked up versions.

All documents are catalogued by Project and stored on the Muli Server providing security against device theft and ensuring ALL key project documents are accessible to all authorised personnel.

Some documents may be stored on other document storage systems with Muli just maintaining the Register with Version and Status control by the issue of receipt and usage documents.

Components of this include:

  • Support of imported digitised documents
  • Import of PDF of Web pages
  • Import of links to relevant Web pages to enable
  • Import of emails with conversion to PDF
  • Allow marking up and creation of marked up PDF for issue as Email attachment , on-line viewing or hard copy.

Standard Templates [4.12]
Standard templates are used for all:

  1. MULI external documents – Purchase Orders; Subcontracts; Payment Advices; etc.
  2. Service for standard letters; memo’s; contract; notice documents.
  3. Quality Assurance Review documentation.
  4. Export of key database information to allow Users to develop their own corporate Reporting scenarios.

Substitution Tags
To enable Users to be flexible in their documentation. There is a wide range of “substitution tags” that may be inserted into Template Documents to automate documentation creation. Substitution tags exist at various levels:

  • System Wide
  • Project specific [3.1.Q27]
  • Process specific [1.9 Code Type 265] These may be extended by Users as either Questions in an application or by Template Questions

Template Questions & Answers
Some processes such as Subcontract Creation require specific answers to be inserted. MULI questions provide a highly efficient method for a company to produce company focused solutions.

Spreadsheet Reports
MULI has produced a Template Spreadsheet concept for exporting database information, to allow the User to manipulate, using proven template reports to fulfil their Management requirements.

Document Management & Retrieval
All processes use the Open Standard Libre Office process solution, providing PDF output for printing and forwarding as Email attachments. All documents are fully retained by project with the MULI Management database with full version control and may be searched, updated and re-printed as required.

Muli have developed a total documents storage.