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AIIA (Australian Information Industry Association)

Association of Australian companies developing software.

AIRMIC- Standards: supporting risk management and adding business value

Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and commerce

Muli Associates

Muli Associates are a network of professionals certified to provide Muli software and services to users of Muli and Ngipi software.


Muli Business basic Application Glue – For developing linux accounting..


AUSLANG (Australian Supply Language) acquired by Oniqua in 2004 – now known as Oniqua Standards Dictionary (OSD). It includes 40,000+ standard names, 30,000+ colloquial terms, NATO supply classifications, Manufacturer mnemonic codes, Units of measure and recommended abbreviations. Further details available via the link.

LibreOffice is the free and open productivity suite preferred by Muli for documentation.

Making Libreoffice to the .doc, .xls and .ppt

OSIA (Open Source Industry Australia) 

OSIA is an Industry Association that aims to provide authoritative and consistent information about Open Source Software.


Risk2Do is a facility within Muli software that provides a project control framework for managing risks.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is the Linux-based operating system that Muli have selected as their platform of choice. Muli is an accredited Bronze Level Ubuntu Software Partner.…

A MUST-READ: 5 Things to Expect in WebRTC Development in 2018

It can be read at

2017 was an exciting year for WebRTC. The technology saw a lot of improvements and  even integrations with other trending technologies. Below we will share our insights about the 5 things to expect in WebRTC development in 2018, but first let’s quickly review the webRTC events of 2017.

Project Management Appraisal

A paper presented to the International Seminar on Project management for Developing countries, September 4 to 6, 1991, in New Delhi, India.

PDF icon Payroll Special Interest Group Charter V0.3.pdf

Arstechnica- The App-ocalyse: Can web standards make mobile apps obsolete?