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Employee Time-sheet

Employee Timesheets Designed for Project Workers

The best payroll solutions are based on practical employee timesheets. The objective in designing a practical timesheet is to ensure that it is sufficiently extensive to allow the completion of the payroll process, using just the “raw” timesheet information initially entered – without the need for additional keying or reprocessing.


Muli timesheets include all the pay sequences (allowances, penalties and loadings) required to complete the total pay run. The timesheet itself can be divided into 5 logical data areas:

  1. Header: containing payrun, employee name, region, timesheet status and approvers.
  2. Project scheduling calendar for the pay period.
  3. Hours worked on each project & the non-worked hours to be paid.
  4. Breakdown of gross pay and tax.
  5. Provisions for superannuation & leave.

Time Period could be Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly.

This total view is secured, so it can only be viewed by the Payroll Manager. Staff entering worked hours view just a portion of the complete timesheet.

The Muli timesheet is designed to minimise incorrect data being input, as the employee timesheets display the relevant days for the pay period (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly), and then the matching project scheduling calendar showing the non-working days, rostered days-off and public holidays is superimposed.

Timesheets can also be used as a communications medium. So employees wishing to raise issues such as an extra allowance, or the need to take leave in advance, can make use of the communication fields to pass information through to their Payroll Manager.


Muli simplifies completing timesheets by pre-filling individual employee timesheets with as much information as possible – such as projects currently being worked on and the predefined pay sequences for their employment type.

Checking timesheets for a small number of employees is easily completed by the Payroll Manager. However when the staff number is in the hundreds, then checking and approving can be delegated to a number of managers and supervisors. Muli accommodates a single or 2-stage approval process for employee timesheets and the timesheet status would change accordingly.

Rollover Options

Finally to minimise data entry, Muli provides several project timesheet rollover methods – so that not all data has to be re-keyed. For example at the beginning of the pay run, Muli could blank the values but retain which projects they last worked on, and there are several other options available to the Payroll Manager when implementing their employee timesheets.

Prefer to WATCH than to READ?

10 minute demonstration of Muli Payroll covering:

  • Time-sheets
  • Pay Sequences
  • Leave
  • Superannuation
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