The MULI Risk2Do tool provides a single management control facility to manage:

  • Quality Assurance verification
  • Change management
  • Issues management
  • Subcontract Milestones
  • Company Procedures verification
  • Correct risk Identification & Recording

It provides an anchor and fast access to all relevant documentation within MULI and is browser enabled, including copies of relevant emails and correspondence.

Project Scheduling

Each Risk2Do item should have attached (linked) all relevant digital documentation to enable fast review and validation for an efficient working environment.

The MULI Risk2Do object provides a bridging point to attach attributes and procedural verification to allow the linking of Financial, Planning/Scheduling, Verification (Quality Assurance) and Spacial information.

Provision is made to enable Subcontract Milestones to be managed using Risk2Do’s.

The initial concept is an anchor object to identified issues/activities that need to be verified/resolved to allow a project to proceed that may also have a cost impact on the project.

Risk2Do Procedures are generally established as part of the project setup to provide documented assurance that required procedures are completed. This usually has the procedure attached as a related object document that defines the procedure to be completed and documents the observed outcomes.

Risk2Do Follow-up generally emerges as a project progresses, to document an issue or ensure an emerging activity is completed.