The core reason for having a system!

Muli’s proven Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable solution is complete and understandable from project administrators to the General Manager.

Muli has managed projects in excess of $1 Billion down to small maintenance jobs.

Muli’s ability to integrate up to 34 separate legal entities, each with up to 24 profit centres (States, Divisions, etc.).

Allow individuals to work in one company and be charged to any company within the Group.

Muli’s Management presentation of the General Ledger, along with supporting IFRS projects report meets the need of Management and external auditing accounting.

Of course, we provide simple supported Tax Office Reporting for BAS, STP, Contractor Reporting.

Text Colours

As Muli provide consolidated information on many reports, adopt a common display format for Accounts Payable & Account Receivable transactions across all reports. This included constant colour for the same information element.

as example

There is a convention that is being largely followed:

Black indicates positive value.

Red indicates a negative number(bad).

Blue negative values are good.

GST in yellow.

The project number is shown in red.

Cheque details are in Cyan.

Allocation is green.

Muli standardises account user in quickly becoming proficient.