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Reimbursements Reimbursement

Today we have dynamic changes in the way many items are purchased and paid extended use of personal and corporate credit cards. Muli provide a simplified processing method to directly reimburse the Individual & Company credit card account.


Each line item may be allocated to a different project/Allocations.

Employees have expenses that need to be reimbursed by the company.

This could be achieved by setting up each employee as a supplier in the Accounts Payable module, however by making use of this facility within the Human Resources area we can alleviate the need to enter each employee in the Orgs file to have reimbursable expenses processed.

So the individual employee does not appear in Accounts Payable, just the “$REIMB” Order. We could choose to have an individual’s RPC in the Order Descriptor, if required. The additional employee benefit field in Accounts Payable will record the actual employee.

Reimbursements are processed through:

  • RPC Reimbursement Entry/Approval [5.3]
  • Reimbursement Processing [5.4]
  • Select Payment [5.6]
  • Pay Selected Payments [5.9]
  • and if it is a Direct Deposit then, Direct Deposit Transfer [8.7.8]

Therefore the reimbursements may be made in a separate run or included in the normal Accounts Payable process run.

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