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Accounts Receivable(Debtors)

Project Account Receivable is not simple, as it needs to fulfil many roles in contracting and legal service. In Muli, there are four primary claim processes
  • Lump Sum
  • Cost based
  • Sundry Invoice
  • Small jobs

Long term projects require clear contractual services able to support a legal dispute should one arise. Therefore, each claim include a full variation summary providing the client with a total expected payment price.

Muli realises that CASH Management is fundamental with reporting highlighting the Project Liquidity position.


Muli construction accounting software includes an Accounts Receivable module which processes:

  • Lump Sum Contract Progress Claims – providing your clients with a full variation register showing current and expected outcomes.
  • Cost Based Progress Claims – ideal for Construction Management type projects. Handles both cost+ % and cost+ $value, and the client is advised of expected gross cost at completion.
  • Small Jobs like income order creation and amendment, A/R reconciliation and many more.
  • Sundry Invoicing

Claims are presented as full contractual summaries and any under / over payments on prior claims are automatically included on the current claim.


To assist clients, Muli can produce work sheets for the clients to approve before the tax invoice is
created. This saves clients from incorrect GST liabilities.

Ageing Reports and Statements are included which gives you ideas about expected cash flow, and make it easier to take business decisions.


Full cash receipt management is provided which allows up to 26 active bank accounts able to be shared across legal identities.

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