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Payment Processing

Muli has extensive Account Payment Process and reporting options extremely automated contractual obligation verification, formal approach, email remittance advice and Direct Deposit file.

Project approvals are net of GST which is managed at the General ledger level.

Payment approvals

Normally the project team are required to authorise invoices by reviewing Unapproved invoices and if a subcontract complete a subcontract pay advice that may contain a number of invoices.

Muli Has a Number of payment processing processes.

  • Basic invoice
  • Subcontract payment notice -(RCTI)
  • Reimbursements

Once authorised The Accounts payable team formally review and send.

The process of authorising an Accounts Payable invoice for payment requires that the Organisation needs to be established and a Purchase Order be raised. Muli enforces this process so that costs are attached to each Order and that there are controls in place to ensure no over-payment occurs.