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Size & Flexibility

A Muli container may have:

  • Up to 34 Legal Entities (Companies).
  • Each entity may have up to 25 profit centres.
  • Each profit centres has own letterhead for issued documents.
  • Each profit centre may have 99,999 projects.
  • Each project may have up to 990 cost allocations, each project has its own controls on project rules.
  • Each company has a nominated currency.
  • 24 Bank accounts may be shared across Companies.
  • Individual projects may have own letterhead.
  • Each company may have own payroll.
  • Employees of one company may be work for and be charged out to any other companies in the group.
  • Automatic inter company journals for payroll charges.
  • Employees may have controlled access to: one project , one company, A number of companies from a single login.
  • We can also provide access from multiple computer devices.
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