Members Support is available to Muli users accessing Muli HELP or using the Muli Authorised Browser to access the website (Certificates and Cookies provide the enabling of the connection).

Contact your Muli manager if you require access.

Release notes should be regularly reviewed as Muli has a regular update policy to enhance and Bug fix, rather than wait for a defined release timing.

Training Videos provide an in-depth introduction of Muli’s extensive solution and should be viewed by all Muli users.

Please use the drop down arrows from the menu on the left to select relevant documentation. You can print each page using the “PDF version” button located at the bottom of the page.

Manuals in-depth explanation on the Muli Software Applications.

Procedures provide discussion to achieve outcomes that require multiple application access.

Glossary provides definitions of how Muli uses specific words to have a given meaning and associated controls on data input.