Muli 101 Introduction to Muli is an in-depth demonstration featuring a 3-minute overview of key principles and a 21-minute tour of the main Muli modules and reports.


The video commences with a presentation answering the following questions:

  • what is Muli?
  • what are some of the Concepts?
  • how does Muli accommodate long term projects in its Accounting approach?
  • will Muli change the way you do business?
An extensive demonstration of the Muli software follows.
  • can identify the system information on the Menu screens.
  • are able to navigate through the software.
  • will understand Muli’s use of:
    • Standard Codes.
    • Organisations & Responsible People.
  • are aware of the information stored for each Project including the itemised project budget.
  • know how Muli processes Variations to Head Contracts – from data entry to printed Variation paperwork.
  • have seen the production of Purchase Orders and Subcontracts.
  • will understand how to manage the payment of subcontractors progress claims and to produce the final certificates.
  • can follow how Muli manages progress claims for Lump Sum & Cost Based progress claims.
  • are familiar with Muli’s detailed Project Review of Costs & Processes leading to a revised final forecast cost for the project.
  • have viewed an overview of Muli’s risk management system – called Risk2Do and followed the integration of risks to subcontractor’s progress claims or to amendments.
  • will understand Small Jobs & sundry invoice creation.
  • have been introduced to the Muli General Ledger, seen the Project Liquidity reports & where to prepare the Trial Balance, Profit &Loss, and Balance Sheet.