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Project Review Cost & Processes


The Muli Project Review Cost & Processes program presents management with all the key information about each project, and enables project managers and management to monitor very complex projects from a single review point.

The Project Review process is at the heart of Muli construction accounting software’s ability to improve short term liquidity and medium term profitability.


This unique cost review report presents the expected gross contribution of the project at completion. This is calculated as:

forecast income at completion (or head contract variation review) forecast cost at completion (by order and subcontract).

Traditional accounting of Income less Recognised Expenses results in companies paying a higher level of taxation than they should.

Additionally it can lead to confusion between liquidity and profit and encourages directors to engage in inappropriate personal expenditure.

This review helps Project Managers achieve their goal of maximising income under the terms of the contract.

Variances for each project allocation are highlighted and the managers can see subcontractors who have been tardy in claiming for changes in scope. This report then becomes a major component of project scope management.

Each Allocation is able to be drilled for Full details of Budget, Commitments and Risk2DO items.

Each Risk2Do , Order, and Subcontract may be drilled for individual payment details