1. extended to an extended Note. If a subcontract payment advice and/or multiple invoices have been approved, then the details are recorded in the Note.

  2. Note Incoming 302 – optional notation enterred when processing an item in the Incoming Register

  3. Credit Adjustement Note 305

  4. Explanation 310 

  5. Reason for request 317

  6. G.S.T 319 – The Accounts Payable GST code table

  7. G.S.T code 321

  8. Discount 322 – A single character alpha code indicating the discount that could be applied to customers. It is entered in the Accounts Receivable module. The codes cover discount values ranging from 0 to 120 and are applied as a multiple against the sales value. For example “N” for Normal Payment Terms has a 100 as its Sales Factor, meaning that clients would pay 100% of the price.

  9. Payment Method 323

  10. Credit Terms 324 – This is a single character code indicating the payment terms you are offering to your customers. The codes cover the commonly used terms from COD, 7 days to 5th Day on the 3rd month from date of invoice.

  11. Status 330

  12. Cheque Format Code 383