Overview of Muli’s Payroll Solutions

Muli provides more than just payroll accounting – Muli allows a payroll manager in a single pass to:

  • process employee payments
  • maintain superannuation & leave entitlements, and
  • charge projects a realistic cost for the use of employees,

all as a part of the payroll process.


Muli Payroll Solutions are designed to accommodate the most complex project timesheet, covering any award or allowance.

Muli payroll manager can process weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly and casual pays.

Designed as an Australian payroll software solution, Muli is easily adapted by an overseas payroll manager.

Tailoring the payroll process to suit your company commences with selecting or redefining the pay sequence codes.

Muli has 24,000 pay sequence codes available and a library of over 450 predefined codes which cover the most common including:

Rostered Days Off, Average Hours, Leave Types, Labour Rates, Activity Allowances, Project Related Allowances, Individual Allowances, Travel Allowances, Tax Rates, Superannuation, Provisions, Payroll Tax and Allowance On-Costs.


Muli Payroll Solutions charge a fully loaded rate (wages and allowances) to individual project allocations ensuring the true cost is reflected in each project.

Muli allows worked hours to be apportioned to an unlimited number of project cost allocations.

Muli also enforces the use of Labour Orders when time sheets are processed, to ensure costs are allocated. So “No labour order = NO PAY”.


A Timesheet with worked hours can be entered by an employee or remotely by the site manager.

The Payroll Timesheet software entry is simplified by listing the projects an employee normally works on – in effect it becomes a project timesheet.

Approval of timesheet hours by supervisor or project manager can be by project or by day.

The project scheduling calendar appropriate for the employees location automatically overlays the employee timesheets.


Muli Payroll Solutions integrate with the Muli Human Resources functionality to record:

  • Qualifications, Union membership, line managers and probation follow up dates
  • Images of Letters of Offer, Doctor’s Certificate etc.
  • Payroll also caters for Leave Management (Annual, Personal Carer, Education, Long Service, + 2 spare).

Your payroll manager has access to web based procedures and manuals covering over 30 reports and audit trails, including pay advice, cheque & employee   payment summaries, management reports and history reports (employee, pay run).


The payroll manager has available 8 levels of defined security access per program to limit who is authorised to view, add or amend data.


Muli Payroll Solutions are a fully integrated module within the Muli Construction Accounting Software with integration to:

  • Muli Organisations & People – for project roles and responsibilities
  • Muli Site & Project Management – for projects, labour orders & scheduling calendars
  • Muli General Ledger – for payroll accounting

Muli Payroll Solutions has been checked and meets the requirements of the Australian Taxation Office for Australian payroll software. It also incorporates online filing via the Government Gateway by EDI.


You will learn so much more from watching our 10 minute Payroll Solutions video!!