Construction Project Management Software for the Long Term

Builders and Construction Companies who are managing long term, high value projects choose Construction Project Management Software from Muli. Why? Because Muli is purpose built software with the functionality to cover their needs.

This includes:

Defined Project Roles and Responsibilities

Muli uses RPCs (Responsible Person Codes) throughout the application so that individuals with designation authority can raise, approve or action issues. Responsbilities are defined by project and are recorded for history.

Project Processes

Construction project management requires that processes are followed. With Muli the processes that are required to be completed during a project are embedded into the project review framework as Risk2Do items attached to the Budget.

Contracts Management

Muli’s project software has a contracts management facility to produce head contracts for clients and subcontracts for the required trades. This also manages the changes in scope and the corresponding variations and amendments.

Earned Value General ledger

Because construction projects typically extend beyond a single financial year, Muli has adopted the earned value project management approach in the general ledger. This ensures that you report profit correctly and do not pay unnecessary taxation, so our solution incorporates what we term an Earned Value General Ledger.

Risk Management

Risk management should also be integrated into fully featured construction project management software package as companies would want to recognise items throughout the life of the project that can cause an increase in costs or a delay in completion. So Muli developed a Risk2Do facility that is provided as part of the base package.

Project Payroll

Muli includes its own project payroll with a timesheet system tailored to the construction industry. This has calendars for each region with public holidays, work and non-work weekends and Rostered Days Off (RDOs) all clearly identified to assist employees to accurately complete their timesheet taking into account their respective project roles and responsibilities. The payroll is also supplies the data required to calculate the fully loaded on-costs (superannuation, leave etc) of employees so that these can be apportioned to the respective projects to ensure accurate profit reporting.


Muli provides flexibility in how you cost and bill projects. There are different ways that firms can choose to contract so you can change who takes a larger portion of the risk, the client or your construction firm. This means that your construction project management software would accommodate both “Lump Sum” and “Cost Plus” contracts.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on Muli’s construction project management software, select MODULES from the top menu and examine PROJECT REVIEW COST & PROCESS.

Prefer to WATCH than to READ?

28 minute video presentation of Project Processes covering:

  • 5 project start-up activities
  • 7 project lifetime activities
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